When you think of Kochi, think sea food・・・

・・・the warm flow of Tosa's “black current”brings
the bounty of the South Pacific right to our doorstep.
Our world-class chef expresses the delicate taste and
feeling of each season and turns the freshest of the sea's gifts
into an unforgettable dining experience.
Le Ciel
(western cuisine) 2F
for the freshest seafood and
our Chef's own special creations
(Teppan-Yaki) 2F
for the tenderest Kobe Beef prepared
right before you on an open health
(Chinese cuisine) 2F
for a dazzling display of authentic Chinese dishes
served on a traditional Chinese
“Lazy Susan.”
elegance,artistry,and attention to the distinct
feeling of each season make YODO
a must for your stay in Japan.
And if you 're a connoisseur of fresh seafood,
you're in for an extraordinary treat.
the soft glow of darkly polished wood gives REED
a distinctly Brittish atmosphere.
And our staff's tradition of warm courtesy
and careful attention make this the perfect
late-night retreat for intimate conversation.